Seven Steps to Buying Coverage

You want to ensure that you choose an Atlanta Georgia insurance policy that you won't end up regretting when it comes time to file a claim. Follow these seven simple steps for help with buying Atlanta insurance coverage.

  1. Research policy prices online. The Internet is the best place to start looking for coverage. You can use a quote site like ours to get ballpark estimates of how much your policy will cost, which will help you determine how much coverage you can afford.
  2. Select the amount of coverage you need. When deciding on the coverage amounts of your agreement, you have to consider the type of agreement and how you intend to use it. For example, perhaps you only want a plan that complies with state laws and nothing more.
  3. Choose your deductibles. With every type of policy except life insurance, you'll have to set deductibles. Choose deductibles that you could afford to pay out of pocket but that are also high enough to keep your premiums reasonable.
  4. Compare the policies of different carriers. Now that you know more specifics about the plan you want, you can again use a site like ours to compare the policies and premiums of different carriers. Make a list of three or four carriers that offer the best prices.
  5. Research the insurers on your short list. Remember that price isn't everything when it comes to quality coverage. The customer service, availability, and selection offered by your insurer also matters. Use resources like the website of the Georgia Department of Insurance to research possible insurers. On the site, you can check which companies are allowed to do business in Georgia and how many complaints have been filed against different carriers by Georgia policyholders.
  6. Talk to an agent or broker if you need more information. If you are still unsure of which plan is right for you, you might want to meet with a broker or agent. A broker can tell you about the policies and premiums of several different insurers, while an agent can tell you about the policies of just one carrier.
  7. Pay your premiums. Once you purchase your plan, you will need to arrange your premium payments. You might pay once per year, every quarter, or every month depending on the options your carrier has. Remember that the premiums of some plans depend partially on your credit score, so keep your report clean.